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Defendant Mobile App

Our App is a FREE download for your defendants and is included with each plan we offer.

GPS Check-In for Defendants from their Phone

The defendant will open the App installed on his/her phone and click on the "Check-In" button. The defendant will then take a selfie and click on the "Send Check-In Details" button. This will update the defendant’s Check-In log in Bailbooks and capture his/her GPS location. Bailbooks users can view their defendants "Check-In Location History", which will allow them to determine each location from which a defendant has checked in. This is a powerful tool to identify a defendant’s whereabouts and provide valuable information to assist a bounty hunter if needed.

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Add E-Statements to your
account for $20/month

and you will save time and money from sending your statement via US Mail and instead your clients will receive their statements via E-Mail.

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Defendant Portal Accepts Payments Online

Invoices Total Outstanding Balance: $511.00
Invoice Number Date Due Date Unpaid Balance
1146 10/29/2017 11/12/2017 $156.00 Make Payment View
1146 10/29/2017 11/12/2017 $156.00 Make Payment View
1146 10/29/2017 11/12/2017 $156.00 Make Payment View

The Defendant Portal gives your defendants and cosigners the ability to pay outstanding invoices online. This is a time-saver for you and a convenient option for your defendants and cosigners. All you need to sign up for this service is a PayPal account.

New Online Payments

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